The RaZberry Solution

The RaZberry solution consists of 6 parts:

  1. The Raspberry PI Board and Rasperian OS you already have at home or you can buy online.

  2. The RaZberry Daughter Card that connects to the GPIOs of Raspberry and carry the Sigma Designs Z-Wave transceiver. Find more about the RaZberry hardware here.

  3. The Z-Wave low level firmware that runs on the Transceiver. It is compatible to the original Sigma Designs firmware spec but has several enhancements and improvements. Find more about the RaZberry firmware here.

  4. Z-Way – the first certified Z-Wave communication stack, handles all Z-Wave network communication, Java script automation engine, built in web server.

  5. The web based Z-Way Demo User Interface using the Z-Way JSON API and demonstrating all functions of Z-Way. Find our more about Z-Way here.

  6. Your Application!

Compatible with new Model B+ and Raspi 2 and 3

RaZberry is compatible with old Raspberry Pi Model B as well as with new Model B+. 2 and 3. on Raspi 3 you cant use Bluetooth together with Z-Wave since both require a real hardware UART but Raspi 3 only has one.

Users Voice

Yesterday I received my Razberry, plugged it on my baseboard and was up and running. Great Work Guys! Saves me month of effort dealing with the low-level Z-Wave stuff.

Wayne Hunt, Moonlight Software

Z-Wave Book

The new Book about Z-Wave (264 pages) written by Dr. Christian Paetz, is now available at or It mentions a lot of the UI elements of the current RaZberry demo UI and is a great documentation about Z-Wave in general.