Device Black List

RaZberry is supposed to work with all certified Z-Wave products as listed in the official Z-Wave Product Certification Database. A good reference for products physically tested with RaZberry is the Pepper One Device Data base.  However certain products in the market may still contain bugs so that RaZberry can't work with them. Here is the current list of problem childs:

Everspring ST814 (Temperature/Humidity Sensor)

Date: 1.1.2012

Product ID: 0060-0006-0001

Reason/Description: The device reports both temperature and humidity values. When asked right after each other the device mixes up the values and may report the humidity value a temperature value and vice versa. the technical reason is a bug in the send queue of the device.

Workaround/Fix: You may want to rewrite the sensor polling app and filter for all ST814 devices and make sure that only one value is requested per wakeup interval. The original Sensor Polling app does not have this workaround and there are no plans to inflate the code of this module to workaround the problems of this device.

Philio PST02-1A/B/C (Multisensors)

Date: 15.9.2015

Product ID: 316.2.13, 316.2.14, 316.2.15

Reason/Description: The device works fine when included non secure. When included secure certain interview commands are not answered correctly and the device used unsecure communication within secure environments. This is a violation of the Z-Wave security policy and protocol.

Workaround/Fix: It is possible to force an non secure inclusion using the Expert UI.

Compatible with new Model B+ and Raspi 2 and 3

RaZberry is compatible with old Raspberry Pi Model B as well as with new Model B+. 2 and 3. on Raspi 3 you cant use Bluetooth together with Z-Wave since both require a real hardware UART but Raspi 3 only has one.

Users Voice

Yesterday I received my Razberry, plugged it on my baseboard and was up and running. Great Work Guys! Saves me month of effort dealing with the low-level Z-Wave stuff.

Wayne Hunt, Moonlight Software

Z-Wave Book

The new Book about Z-Wave (264 pages) written by Dr. Christian Paetz, is now available at or It mentions a lot of the UI elements of the current RaZberry demo UI and is a great documentation about Z-Wave in general.