RaZberry and UZB have Z-Wave chip on board. This chip serves Serial API to allow Z-Way software speak to Z-Wave network. This firmware can be upgraded from Z-Way software. In Expert UI go to Network→Controller Info→Firmware upgrade or directly to IP:8083/expert/#/uzb


  • LED can be turned off:
    Change it via IP:8083/JS/Run/zway.NVMExtWriteLongBuffer(0x6510,[XX]), where XX is:
    • 0x00 LED used only for memory test when device powers up. Silent mode. 
    • 0x01 LED used during memory test and to indicate inclusion/exclusion mode.
    • 0x03 LED used during memory test, to indicate inclusion/exclusion mode and it blinks when data is sending.


  • Fixed Bootloader upgrade response


  • LED not turning off after some operations fixed


  • Fixed bug with wrong UID returned after license apply

Compatible with new Model B+ and Raspi 2 and 3

RaZberry is compatible with old Raspberry Pi Model B as well as with new Model B+. 2 and 3. on Raspi 3 you cant use Bluetooth together with Z-Wave since both require a real hardware UART but Raspi 3 only has one.

Users Voice

Yesterday I received my Razberry, plugged it on my baseboard and was up and running. Great Work Guys! Saves me month of effort dealing with the low-level Z-Wave stuff.

Wayne Hunt, Moonlight Software

Z-Wave Book

The new Book about Z-Wave (264 pages) written by Dr. Christian Paetz, is now available at amazon.com or amazon.co.uk It mentions a lot of the UI elements of the current RaZberry demo UI and is a great documentation about Z-Wave in general.